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Work Place essay

After working at Double JJ for three years I have realized the problems between the management and their employees. Through all the levels of management, the mesh between their goals and the employees is very minimal. The management team lacks: the use of incentives, the ability to follow through with their promises, and granting raises. When I started at Double JJ every weekend there was a contest to see which server could reach the highest ticket average for the night. The server with the highest ticket average receive a $10 gift certificate that could be used anywhere on the resort. This incentive was used to up-sell items (such as appetizers, wine, after dinner drinks, dessert and other activities on the resort) to the guests, and increase sales for the night.

The incentives stopped, but the servers were supposed to keep up-selling the menu. Shortly after this, the gift certificates went from being for $10 to only $5. Everyone employee at the Double JJ must have a round-up sheet on them at all times. The purpose of this is to always be able to answer any questions about upcoming activities and meals. The managers decided that if you were “caught” with having it on you that you would receive the $5 caught doing something right gift certificate. The only problem is that the managers haven’t followed through, and no one has checked any of the staff for the round-ups.

Another severe problem is the pay system. For example, all the managers that are on salary must work a six day work week, and work forty-five hours a week. If any of them work over the forty-five, they will not be paid for it. There is also not any paid vacation time unless you are the top two levels of management. For these reasons Double JJ has a hard time keeping its managers. This creates many problems with continuously changing management. It leads to inefficiency and inconsistency.

At the restaurant there are many hidden incentives. Every server’s goal for the night is to make as much money as possible. It’s known to everyone that the better service you give the better your tip will be. The goal made by management of giving every guest the best service possible is satisfied, because every server wants to make big tips which means giving the best possible service. Another area where management does a good job of meshing their goals with their employees is the number of tables in a section. The better the server is, and the more tables they will have. With a bigger section there is a bigger possibility of getting more tips, which will make the server much happier.
Double JJ could excel in many areas if the would make their goals mesh with their employees.

The resort can only be as good as the employees make it. If the owners would allow for raises, it would give the managers a reason to excel in their job instead of doing the bare minimum. Reviews, for raises, that are supposed to be done never end up getting done. Possible raises would help to increase the work effort of the management team. Something as simple as bringing back the incentives for highest ticket averages would help to encourage servers to sell as much as possible.

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