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Conflict Management Approach

Conflict management approaches are used in many different organizations. This style of management can be very effective; however, from my point of view it is repetitive, time consuming and energy draining. Over the past 8 years, I have worked in one form or another with peoples of different nationalities and cultures. For the most part, [...]

Waterfront dispute essay

Waterfront dispute is one of the biggest and the most important disputes in the history of Australia. The waterfront dispute of 1998 was an incredible tale of legal drama, violent confrontation, strange alliances, betrayals, family difference and nefarious deceit. The stakes were high: the economic viability of the company at the centre of the dispute, [...]

Management education essay

Many believe that free education is a relatively modern idea, instituted at the end of the 19th Century when secondary education was made compulsory. However, this is a misconception. In the middle ages grammar schools provided education for anyone who wanted it. They were funded by rich nobles who donated an extremely large sum of [...]

The organisational structure of MG Rover

The organisational structure of MG Rover The organisational structure of a company has a large influence on the way the work is performed. MG Rover has its own unique structure, which influences its workforce. There are few layers in the structure between the workforce and the executives at the top. This creates an environment, which [...]

Executive Summary essay

ADS Networks, an IT company seeks to determine how sensitive the workplace climate is to employee work-life balance. People have to contend with different roles in life. There is the requirement for one to perform at a high level in the workplace and balance this with the responsibility of taking care of other issues in [...]