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Verifone Case Study

Summary Verifone was founded in 1981 as a check verification company. The company experienced tremendous growth over the next 10 years and became the global leader in electronic payment solutions. During this period Verifone grew from 25 employees to 1,800 with sales approaching $300 million. Additionally, in 1996 their revenue increased to $470 million, and [...]

Fund Management

Introduction Funds management is the core of sound bank planning and financial management. It encompasses the management of the bank’s liquidity position or management of assets and liabilities to provide adequate resources to meet anticipated fund demand. Competitive and regulatory pressures make it mandatory to have a sound company-wide risk management framework in place. Companies [...]


Leadership is a prerequisite for effective management without leadership skills, one cannot be an effective manager Tappen (1985). Discuss the nature of Leadership and Management in modern nursing. Leadership is a prerequisite for effective management without leadership skills one cannot be an effective manager Tappen (1985). For the purpose of this assignment the types and [...]

The message is the medium: a case study in ‘cultural change’

Introduction. In attempts to secure an advantage in ever more competitive and globalised markets, the trend in management thinking has been to introduce a number of initiatives aimed at developing a ‘corporate culture’ supportive of the organisation’s strategic objectives . The logic of these ‘culturalist’ initiatives (Parker 2000) is that ‘corporate culture’, defined as the [...]

Configuration Management and Version Control

Within this report I will discuss why software configuration management is important. I will introduce four principals of configuration management; configuration management planning, change management, version & release management and system building. I will also cover standards within configuration management and version identification.          Lehman’s first ‘law’ draws attention to a basic property of software [...]