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Tssay on Configuration Management and Version Control

Within this report I will discuss why software configuration management is important. I will introduce four principals of configuration management; configuration management planning, change management, version & release management and system building. I will also cover standards within configuration management and version identification. Lehman’s first ‘law’ draws attention to a basic property of software systems, [...]

Pain Management in Cardiac Surgery

Pain is an unpleasant sensation caused by noxious stimulation of sensory nerve endings. Moseby Dictionary (1990), p 866. A nursing diagnosis accepted by the fourth National Conference on Classification of Nursing Diagnosis.          As a symptom pain is defined as a state in which an individual experiences and reports the presence of severe discomfort or [...]

Human Resource Management

Due to impact of globalisation and economic uncertainty, companies are facing fierce challenges. In order to adapt to this changing environment, changes within firms are vital for business survival and expansion in a knowledge driven economy. Nowadays it is a common experience to note that organisations are relying heavily on their human capital to produce [...]

Conflict Management Styles

INTORDUCTION I work for an organization called Hallmark Trading Company. This company provides services such as capital ventures, new and used equipment sales and purchases, and a full line truck center. In the course of doing business, sometimes conflict will arise. In this paper, I will first explain what conflict is, the different types of [...]

Operations Management

Literature Review The notion of ‘service quality’ is attracting increasing attention from academics and industry alike. Indeed, this is not surprising when one considers that service industries are the new dominant force in economic activity. Yet, what is service quality and how can it be measured?          Pioneers in the area define service quality in [...]