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Management education in America

Twelve years of our lives we are mandated by the United States Government to learn and be taught the foundations of life, where you may ask, in school. As individuals have we taken the proper steps to make our education properly productive and successful? Have we fully used the twelve free years in which our government allows us to get an appropriate education? Students in China are unfortunately unable to have the monetary and available success to gain an education in the extreme conditions of China. Yet with strong discipline and huge passion, students and faculty work there way up to give and receive a complete extensive education package.

“In traditional China, perhaps more than in any other old civilization, education was considered the primary, if not the sole, means by which the character of its citizens was molded… It formed the very foundation on which rested the entire political, social, economic, and cultural life of the Chinese people.”— Chang-Tu Hu

A quote from the book Chinese Education under Communism has extreme direct relevance to the way Chinese students yearn for education. Understandably American students do not feel so cheery about school, every morning dread the very existence that school is an hour and you’re running late. Yet it is a generalization of an individual who is entering his fourteenth year of still preliminary education, that for the individual still needs to be taught in all areas of every spectrum of education. American students do not understand the full inequity of being able to receive an education. Comparatively schools in China are more valued, and successful than the United States public secondary schools in regulation, requirements and discipline.

Imagine if less than fifty percent of Americans were illiterate because they were unable to receive an education. This scarce problem in America happens all over the world, especially in China. Just recently since the 1950s school regulations have opened up their doors in China to all classes of people. With China’s new regulation, it has restructured its education system. With new ideas and patterns it is decreasing the number of illiterate individuals in the countryside’s and in the urban cities. A similarity between China and America is that they have similar educational classes; starting with elementary, primary, secondary, and higher education.

In many areas to create productivity in all educational classes there needs to be a shared common goal that educators and students can be measured by. In China there are goals in which students are to reach for, taken from Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute;

“..The first is to develop the student’s spirit of patriotism and internationalism. The student should possess the Communist moral character by supporting the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and upholding socialism (fostering the viewpoints of the working class). The second goal is to enable students to master basic skills in math, foreign language, Chinese, etc. and gradually acquire the abilities of self-study and problem-solving. Students should also possess knowledge in production. The third goal is to enable students to develop physically and foster good habits in daily life and in labor..”

Yet these views I necessarily don’t agree with, the goals listed above allow students to reach for something that is measurable, and not go through school unknowing why they are here and to really set a subjective meaning to studying. In this way schools are truly valued in great ways, students trying to value the ideals of a countries goal in order to be able to get to the next step of there education. In the United State school system there seems to be a lack of understanding of why students are in each level of primary or secondary teaching, it is just an imaginable bridge without a cause or significant reason that measures the learning ability of graduating to the next level.

As the belief that American students are receiving the best and most educated education in the world, it still seems to be a mystery to many of us citizens. China is like many other countries that put educations as one of its leading priorities. Time and time again a Chinese students education can be tested to be the top in the eastern hemisphere. With a strong educational program it mandates students to take decades worth of different languages and an extensive math and science program. Students in China have to take three different languages compared to the effortless two years required by the US educational system. How can a country as sophisticated as the US, just toy with an educational system to its students? The successfulness of a student in China to reach its goals with high marks and standing is a huge percentage with rankings in the top twenty percentiles according to the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute.

China has strict requirements for the value and successfulness of a student. Secondary Students school regularly requires five and a half days of work, rising early in the morning at 8:00am to 6:30pm in the evening; students are enriched with lessons of an intensive ten hours of schoolwork. An education can only last as long as a school will take it, the performance and time spent at school with students in China has taken it to the peaks of its education. At the home front, students in the US who are in secondary school are only here for a mere six hours. It has been proven by private boarding schools, that by having more time spent in an education facility the more students appear to do well and receive an outstanding outcome of education. With limited resources and huge time constraints students in China still find solutions to create a better success rate in the world than American students.

Imagine spending twelve years of your life in a total tunnel of education and to go further in your educational process you have to endeavor on a three-day exam. This three day exam is the gateway between going to college and not. This is a nationwide exam taken on the same day and same time, according to all the secondary school across the nation in China. This is a puddle of tears compared to the eye drops that US student take in a three-hour one-day test that is not the actual basis in the acceptance of a college. How can a community of educators be so biased in giving one exam to decide where a student goes? It is one test, yet the preparation for exams and test is a process throughout the twelve years of education that a student has already partaken on, and is suppose to put it together in mind, body and heart.

“..Second, learning is seen as building a pyramid, which needs a solid base and constant efforts. Regular tests and exams motivate students to study constantly. They motivate students to study courses on a daily or weekly basis, rather than postponing studying until the middle or end of the semester. By doing so, students can be expected to have a good command of the basics. They believe students need regular tests and exams as powerful stimulants to achieve academic excellence, just as sports players need regular practice to enhance their skills..”

Song Z writes this from the journal article Education in China. This is a professor’s point of view on the reasons why test play an important role in the requirement of a students education. As it is valued in a students eyes that with these test it allows teachers to have an accurate measurement on a students ability to perform on the facts given. With a lenient educational system, the US has loose requirement that in some ways don’t push student to there full potential of being able to be educated to full prospective potential. A stringent policy in China allows these students to be able to come away with a more successful learning experience that is grown through a process of tests. Yet a similar aspect to the educational system in US and in China is that in which they give prizes to those students who gone above and beyond the duty of a certain area in school. In China they have an award titled “Three-Excellence” award, it is a very difficult to receive being that only 3-5 percent of a school class can aspire to achieve. With goals and an ambition to receive prizes it allows students in China the ability to achieve great heights in their education process.

With stringent test for the individual, ones individual success can only be determined with discipline. The discipline of one individual is a true testament of his or hers character in there willingness to succeed. On both sides of the globe we have superb students who go beyond the mark in sacrifice and dedication. Yet it is on the eastern seaboard of China that I see finely tuned disciplines not even touched upon by a large percentage of students in America. On a one to one interview with an international student from China she has to say about discipline:

“I have taken a lot of my time and sacrifice a lot to be here in America, yet to get here was very hard. In my country people are not all allowed to be able to go to college… At home I study very much, I study maybe four hours more after I come home from school. It has been very hard, but now that I am here in America it is great. Discipline for me is something that I have been pushed in since I was very young. As you get older if you do not all things you will be very behind..”

Nevertheless it can be said that discipline is what allowes these students to reach there goals and finish in high standards with there education. The value and success is not just brought out upon the individual it has a large part to do with family. A traditional student in China has an obligation and duty to uphold the family name at school. In China families push there students to be able to accomplish educational task in the top of there class, adding as an extra constraint to the students required needs. This added pressure puts strong value of the student to succeed in his or hers educational pursuit. Whereas in the US many families do not neccarily discipline their children to accomplish at a certain level. This strongly takes away from a students bearing to feel an accomplished task for the family, it subdues an individual just to get enough and not really bear fruits of the individual or the family in school.

Discipline can be reached throughout the outskirts of different lands and can be stretched wide enough to be put on educational worlds, US and China. However this is the main point of the separation of the two worlds, culture. With students in China being held to high expectations by parents, teachers, and relatives it is because of the culture issue. The success of a student in school plays a large representation on the family name. In China, a students school culture is to prove to the community that your student has succeed the social mark and that they should be put on a pedal stool of some sorts. Students in the China culture use this transition from class to class as a real life transition, that they have proven the family name and are able to grow toward the steps of maturity. Unlike the American tradition, as students are promoted to another class, it is not celebrated with much meaning and does not transition to man or womanhood. Culture in a Chinese students role is in a huge occurrence measured with value and success if the individual is able to pass. With the ability to measure a student’s performance it allows a greater success rates in a students education.

There are many different strategies that the US and China are partaking to insure that students are getting the best education provided. Yet until many large changes are made to the US educational system, the educational system across the Pacific will be the leading educational system for secondary schooling. With schools that have strong regulations that enable the faculty to take a firm grasp of a student education to make it as best as possible. By having a shared vision between all students it permits a solid step in the growth and development of these Chinese students. Setting aside sturdy requirements for students in China bring students need to accomplish the task with efficiency and productivity among the community of students in China. If the continual aspects of family be re-emphasized and its importance students will take an individual value in there education as it brings great success to them and their family. With a huge worldly bouillabaisse of schools intermixing, schools in China are more valued and successful than the United States public secondary schools in regulation, requirements and discipline.

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