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If You Do Not Measure Success in Monetary Terms, How Do You Measure It?

Measuring success in monetary terms is impossible for success extends too far beyond money. Money claims an important role in our lives, indeed we could not live without it, at least not for long. We can look at our bank balance and feel good when we remember all the hours of labor put into making the total grow higher. However, success also means freedom. Freedom from the effects of ill health, freedom from persecution, and freedom of thought are all equally important to having a successful life.

What good is life if we have all the riches in the world but aren’t happy? Does that make a life successful? There are many stories out there about people who have limitless wealth but no friends and no family to share them with. This does not sound like the definition of success to me.

The motivational speaker Dale Carnegie once said, “Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.” To me, he means the material things in life only have a little weight, but the emotional and relationship aspects are the most important. A person simply cannot be successful in any sort of life without friends and family.

So how do we measure success? A fulfilling career? Jobs can come and go and nothing lasts forever these days. Good health? It is wise to be thankful for good health and take care of yourself, but one never knows when disease or disaster might strike.

Perhaps, I will never be a millionaire in my lifetime, but I think having a good support system of friends and family make me a very successful person. Family is there when I need them and when they are not I can always rely on a network of friends to fill in. I feel rich!