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Government Employees and Industrial Action

Should Government Employees such as Police Officers and Fire Fighters Have the Right to Strike?

How are government employees supposed to advocate for their rights? People who work for private corporations take industrial action whenever they feel that their rights have been violated. During this time, no work takes place. All company activities stop till the dispute is resolved. What would happen if policemen and firefighters were to go on strike? A sad picture of unchecked crime comes to mind. Does this mean that government employees should not strike? Industrial action as a means of pushing for rights should be available to everyone. Therefore, government employees should have this right just like everybody else. Why should they?

First, working for the government does not mean that there will be no mistreatment. Governments abuse their employees in several ways such as paying them low salaries, firing them without notice as required by law, and asking them to work long hours with little pay. Junior government employees also get mistreated by their seniors. When such crimes get to a point where they cannot be withstood any more, policemen, firefighters and other government workers should be allowed to call for industrial action. This is the only way to send a message that they should to be treated with respect.

Secondly, industrial action or going on strike remains a major means of getting attention from headstrong or unresponsive employers. If government employees are denied this very vital organizing tool, they will have no other means to defend and protect themselves from abuse by their employer, who in this case is the government.

In conclusion, government employees such as policemen and firefighters should go on strike if it is necessary to do so.

This is because governments also mistreat employees and industrial action or striking remains the most effective means to deal with unresponsive employees.

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