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Executive Summary essay

ADS Networks, an IT company seeks to determine how sensitive the workplace climate is to employee work-life balance.

People have to contend with different roles in life. There is the requirement for one to perform at a high level in the workplace and balance this with the responsibility of taking care of other issues in life. Work-life conflict is possible when the demands of one role conflicts with another.

In order to measure the sensitivity to work-life issues this paper uses a survey sourced from an Internet website which is an authority on work-life issues. The survey comprising twenty questions was distributed amongst employees in the various business units in a random manner. The results of the survey were analyzed and conclusions were drawn from the survey in an attempt to answer the following questions:

- To what extent are work-life balance issues having an adverse impact on the employees of ASD Networks?
o The results of the survey indicate there is a degree of sensitivity to work-life but there is great scope for improvement. There appears to be a negative effect on employee morale and loyalty.
- How does attainment of a work-life balance affect the workplace and personal life?
- A workplace that is sensitive to work-life balance has numerous positive benefits for employer and employee.
- What issues influence the achievement of work-life balance?
- The factors that most influence the achievement of work-life balance are support of management in the organization, flexibility of management, two-way communication, resources, teamwork and a positive attitude.
- The leadership style of the company’s managers has a great impact on the attainment of work-life sensitivity.
- What can be done to better manage work and personal life at ASD networks?
- Recommendations are made on what actions employers and employees can take to reduce work-life conflict situations.

The ability to achieve the right work-life balance sensitivity is a strategic victory for any company. There exists a challenge to implement and manage winning work/life formulas at ASD Networks. Failure to address the issues could have a detrimental effect on the performance of the company in the long term.

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