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Enterprise management essay

Blackpool and the Fylde College is a large college with many different departments. One of the departments is the school of business and management. In this department there are different levels of management for different courses within the school. There are main tutors for each tutorial group and each lesson has a tutor. All the tutors have someone above them who are is charge and tell them their objectives. The college’s objectives are to increase the amount of students that come to the college each year; this will result in the funds maybe to increase. As the college is a no profitable business. Another objective is to stay ahead of the local competitors.

At Warehouse the employees are not refereed to as staff but a team, this is because together everyone achieves more. The management team supports the rest of the team in motivating and assisting them in everyday tasks. The management at Warehouse consists of the branch manager, the deputy manager and supervisor. Both managers work full time and cover one another’s days off. On Sundays neither manager works this is when the supervisor covers the managers. The objectives at Warehouse are to increase the market share and profit each year. Also to gain customer loyalty in order to increase the profits for the business.

In order for the branch to be a success the branch and deputy manager must carry out certain functions along with the daily tasks these are the following forecasting, this is predicting something that will likely happen. The manager needs to forecast in order to examine the future of the business this is done by analysing the past and present, this gives the manager the opportunity to draw up plans of action for the business.

At Warehouse targets are predicted the predicted targets are sent to the branch manager from the area manager, each year is split into two half’s and targets for the weeks are made. This is then displayed in a file and shows the target, the actual for the week and then the difference is shown in pounds and percentage. This is then compared to the previous week the difference is shown in pounds and percentage. This is compared to the figures for last year and the difference again is shown in pounds and percentage.

This is a strength for the business as it allows the branch manager to see how the business is performing and how much profit is being achieved. Depending on the first year half performance a realistic prediction for targets can be forecasted for the second half of the year. The same process is also used for setting targets for accounts. These are also compared. If the figures are analysed the branch manager can see where the business needs to improve in order to meet its objectives of increasing the profit and improving branch performance from year to year.

Forecasting is crucial when it comes to budgeting for the business, this includes the employees hours and wage and expenses. The company on a whole has a lot more to forecast in marketing, wages, staffing, expenses and product.

The college needs to forecast in order to know an average percentage of the students that will attend each year, the process is to visit schools and colleges and work out for over the next five years, how many children and adults will attend and the type of courses that they would be interested in doing. The manager of the college also needs to forecast the budget for money, which can be used within each department. The manager will need to take in to consideration the resources that are needed for a course to take place and be successful and the amount of staff needed for the subject being taught.

Forecasting is useful to the college as it allows the manager to work out the type of people and amount that will attend the college and the type of courses that there is demand for. As there would be no point in setting up a course when there is no one who would like to do it. Forecasting in these areas will allow the manager of the college to meet the college objectives to improve the performance of the college and increase funds by more potential students entering the college.

Forecasting the money for each department will mean that courses will be well equipped for both in resources and staff, this meaning that the students will have the very best given to them in time and learning.

Planning is after the forecasting in both of the businesses. Whatever is forecasted in the business needs to be planned for.

At warehouse the daily objectives for the team are planned. The branch manager will ask the deputy manager to plan for things such as a daily rota so each member of the team knows where they should be positioned on the shop floor; this could be on the till or fitting room. The daily targets for both profit and accounts. Finally the daily tasks for the day are planned in the team diary.

Planning by the managers is essential at Warehouse in order for the daily running of the busy to be successful and for the members of the team to communicate with one another. It also means that once each member has completed any tasks they can concentrate on customer service and getting accounts, which is the crucial part of the job. The managers need to ensure that Warehouse is meeting its objectives such as the need to gain customer loyalty and the mission is to give the customer the very best shopping experience on the high street.

The managers of each department and the manager of the college as a whole need to plan the action in order for each department to work successfully, this means that the college is successful, unlike a profitable business the manager must meet the colleges objectives like achieving a certain pass rate of students and continue getting students to join the college in order to continue for the future. At this time the managers at the college are planning the future of the campus on each site. This is a five-year plan and if successful the further education courses will run at the Bispham site and the higher education courses will run at the site in Blackpool.

In order for the manager to achieve the college objectives the planning of each department is crucial. It will mean that if there is more improved courses and facilities more students may be attracted to the college. The tutors must plan lessons for the students, assignments and achievable grades in order to set targets to motivate the students to achieve well.

Organisation is a crucial function for both managers at Warehouse if there were no organisation within the business then the business would not succeed. The managers organise in many ways such as the team. The managers must organise the daily tasks and objectives for the team for example sorting out the delivery, ensuring they achieve at least one account per shift. The branch manager must arrange meetings for the whole team and the deputy manager carries out the meetings topics in order for the team to communicate and know events and targets for that period. Weekly rotas must be organised and cover if someone is ill.

It is crucial for organisation to be used within the business so that the business is to run efficiently and will be successful in meeting the company’s objectives, which are to increase the market share of the business. There are more and more Warehouse branches opening up all over the country. This will result in an increase in profit for the company.

For the managers every working day there is something that needs to be organised for the business to operate smoothly and of the highest standard.

At the college it is important for managers and staff to be organised efficiently in each department, this will mean that each lesson has a tutor, there is a year tutor so all the students have a member of staff to talk to concerning their subjects. If a tutor is off or has a meeting then there is always another member of staff to cover.

Another important matter that each department manager needs to organise is the resources for the college, this includes computers, as it is important that there are always enough computers in the classrooms and resource centres that the students can have access to, other resources such as books and equipment for the departments such as construction. This will allow the business to meet its objectives, if there are more improved resources within the college the more students will be attracted to the college.

If all department managers organise their department efficiently and to the best of their ability then it means the students can have the best advantage to learning, the college can introduce more and improved courses and have control over the running of all the different departments to make the college as a whole successful and popular with up and coming potential students.

For both the businesses to command it means that they are maintaining the activity among the personnel.

At warehouse the Branch and deputy manager must make commands everyday to the team in order for the team to be motivated to complete tasks. It is a useful function as it means the deputy manager can place time limits on jobs such as cleaning. It results in jobs being completed properly and efficiently; more jobs can get done in a day as the time is managed appropriately and there is time to concentrate on the customer and standards.

Each department manager has to use command is used in many ways, the managers of the tutors will command the team daily as to what needs doing. The tutors will have more responsibility in commanding the students firstly because it is part of their job for the students to complete there work, secondly it motivates the students if they are commanded by the tutors in ways of having deadlines set for assignments.

Co-ordination is vital for the businesses to bring all the functions together, it harmonises activity and effort.

At Warehouse the managers contribute to the business by co-ordinating their individual skill and all of the functions together to make the business a success. The managers must use their initiative to make a difference to the activities of the business. The manager may co-ordinate meetings during a working day by having a meeting in the style of a conference call while on the shop staying on the shop floor so to watch over the staff.

The college manager uses co-ordination to piece all functions together at the college. One-way the manager at the college co-ordinates is by using time management. The department managers must ensure that they enrol the students at the right time. This is crucial because if students are not enrolled at the correct time they could miss the induction week, which is held on all courses or miss crucial information.

To control in both businesses, means that everything occurs conformity with policy and practice.

The branch and deputy manager at Warehouse must have control over the everyday activities within the business. This includes factors such as the staff, deliveries, floor moves and meetings. Control is kept over certain functions by keeping records. In order to know how much profit the business is making that day flash sales can be done using the till, this is useful as it allows the manager to know what is needed to meet the target for that day. A book of accounts are kept in order for the deputy manager again to know how many have been completed in that day and how many are then needed for the week to meet the target as the deputy manager has an important role of being the accounts motivator for the branch and other branches in the area. The accounts information is important for the deputy to analyse throughout the day.

The department managers at the college must keep control of all functions. One factor that is crucial for the successful running of the college is communication between all managers of each department to the college manager. This is important due to the running of different departments. This is done by regular meetings being held and all managers communicating via e-mail through their computers and telephone.

Overall it is important for both businesses managers to take each function as seriously as the other by using them in day-to-day activities to result in the success of the business.

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