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Discuss the similarities between HR management and Personnel Management

There are two approaches in employee management. They are the Human Resource Management (HRM) and Personnel Management. Although these two approaches seem different at a glance and on the surface, they are somewhat similar to one another in quite a few ways.

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Both approaches agree that employees have a right to proper treatment as dignified human beings while at work. This means that although employees are tied on a contract to the organization in serving the latter, they deserve to be treated with respect and fairness in all aspects. The organizations are bound by the labor laws in their practices and behaviors that affect employees. Failure to comply with the rules could result in serious consequences.

Another similarity between HRM and Personnel Management is the both approaches’ main function is to focus on finding and recruiting the best employees to work for the organization, and generally managing them for the benefit of the organization.

Another similarity is to provide these employees with appropriate training in employee retention, a perfect example is it is estimated that US businesses spend close to $60 billion annually on internally run training and education programs in training employees. This demonstrates how important it is for each organization to developing the employees’ skills and knowledge for the future of the company, ensuring that their employees remain competitive with rest of the market. Therefore, HRM and Personnel Management, although having different names and approaches, could not deny the fact that their primary goal is to get the people to work for their respective organizations. Otherwise the organizations would have no employee issues to deal with and worry about.

The following similarity is that both approaches are meant to solve employee’s problems. Whenever an employee has an issue that needs attention, the HRM and Personnel Management are there to interfere and solve the problem. Problems include those at workplace and also off the field, such as problems and disputes with fellow employees and personal problems. The HRM and Personnel Management could not ignore these issues as employees are human beings who experience emotional downturns and issues that could affect their productivity.

Next, both HRM and Personnel Management are concerned with providing the employees with appropriate benefits and compensations. This in an important area of employee management as no one works for free. Furthermore, whomever offering the best terms of employment would attract the best employees. Besides offering an attractive salary, the HRM and Personnel Management must also be aware of other benefits, such as time-off and accommodations.. Therefore the duty of benefit-planning and compensation rests on the HRM and Personnel Management’s shoulders. Regardless of the theory that one approach offers better terms, both approaches must still provide an appropriate set of employment terms. It is not something that could be omitted.

Finally, both HRM and Personnel Management must deal with the challenges in the multinational organization. As organizations focus toward international markets, they must consider the challenges of operating in a variety of global communities. Effective management of employees is of critical importance in the global marketplace as multinational organizations face greater diversity in the labor workforce, and as a result, must develop a system that is flexible and adaptable to a wide variety of cultural situations. When entering a new country, a business cannot simply export its own employment practices. Therefore, the best ways to manage employees globally could provide an edge to the organization.

In conclusion, although HRM and Personnel Management are two separate approaches with different names, some of the basic responsibilities remain the same. Both approaches are of equal importance and effectiveness if they are implemented and adopted in the proper way.

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