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Management education in America

Twelve years of our lives we are mandated by the United States Government to learn and be taught the foundations of life, where you may ask, in school. As individuals have we taken the proper steps to make our education properly productive and successful? Have we fully used the twelve free years in which our [...]

Management in Information Technology

Since 1990s, Information Technology (IT) has been widely used in many industries. Particularly, Information Technology has modified the way of people doing their job and has changed the process and nature of work both in the public sector and commercial organizations. As rapid growth of information systems and its complexity, the challenges facing managers in [...]

A critical evaluation of performance management and development processes within Otis PLC

Introduction The purpose of this assignment is to critically evaluate the Human Resource Development (HRD) aspects of my employer, Otis PLC’s, performance management and development process and to suggest ways in which they could be improved. This review will be in the light of the organisation’s business strategy, key commercial challenges and culture and will [...]

The Future of Management

“Is management dead?” This was the question poised by Steve Kerr, chief learning officer at General Electric’s Management Development Institute. (Stewart) He asked this question because five years ago it seamed that all a company needed was a good idea or product. Dot-Com companies worried mostly about getting their product recognized and used by the [...]

Comparison between HRM and Personnel Management

The term “human resource management” has come into popular usage in recent years. It is widely accepted in the workplace, and sums up the current state of play with regard to the management of people with the current emphasis on links to business strategy and on the fact that human resources are as important as [...]