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Earnings Management Abuse

In reading Arthur Levitt’s 1998 speech to the NYU Center for Law and Business, all members of Team C were in general agreement and felt there was almost too much truth to what was being said. Given this speech was delivered in 1998, long before the Enron and WorldCom scandals were discovered, Mr. Levitt was [...]

Managerial Accounting and Decision Making

Businesses need information for evaluating performance, for establishing goals, and for developing plans to meet goals (financial and managerial accounting). Managers need timely and detailed information for evaluating performance and implementing plans (primarily managerial accounting). They need very timely and detailed information for day-to-day decisions to achieve company goals. The value of information and who [...]

Essay on Conflict Management Styles

Conflict is inevitable in any organization. People are hired to perform for an organization because they are qualified and prepared to do the job. With that qualification and preparation comes a sense of self-confidence. These employees believe that their solutions and ideas are right for solving the problem, and this is where conflict can come [...]

Change Management and Leadership

A good leader realizes that things will change. Change is inevitable for a company’s growth. Without change a company cannot grow or compete with the competition. Affective change management is controlled by the success of its leader. A leader must consider options and alternatives that will benefit the company and it’s employees. Many companies deal [...]

Future of Management

Business as we known it has changed forever. Changes in technologies such as the Internet have made it easier for more businesses to reach a global market. These challenges have significantly raised the level of competition businesses face and, as a result, they must react to these challenges more rapidly than ever. Modern companies will [...]