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Should Students Who Commit Cyberbullying Be Suspended From School?

Bullying at school is hardly a new phenomenon. Yet, in today’s digital age, with all its technology and social networking options, bullies are able to act out their maliciousness in an easy, cowardly fashion. Further, because of the Internet, the bullying is not singularly directed. Instead, it is widely broadcast, and the victims find themselves [...]

If You Do Not Measure Success in Monetary Terms, How Do You Measure It?

Measuring success in monetary terms is impossible for success extends too far beyond money. Money claims an important role in our lives, indeed we could not live without it, at least not for long. We can look at our bank balance and feel good when we remember all the hours of labor put into making [...]

Government Employees and Industrial Action

Should Government Employees such as Police Officers and Fire Fighters Have the Right to Strike? How are government employees supposed to advocate for their rights? People who work for private corporations take industrial action whenever they feel that their rights have been violated. During this time, no work takes place. All company activities stop till [...]

Essay on Future of Management

Business as we have known it has changed forever. Changes in technologies such as the Internet have made it easier for more businesses to reach a global market. These challenges have significantly raised the level of competition businesses face and, as a result, they must react to these challenges more rapidly than ever. Modern companies [...]

Conflict Management Styles Essay

Conflict occurs in every company whenever there is a difference of opinion or a personality conflict exists between two people. When handled incorrectly, conflict everyone one in an organization from a subordinate to the executive director could be affected. Disagreements occur among employees for various reasons, such as differences of opinion, values, goals or work [...]